MEICOM recognises the importance to promote public interest and support for scientific research and the significance for scientists to explain their research to society. Our research projects have a substantial relevance to society as Food Security has serious implications. Direct engagement with the public is a central element in our programme, and part of the training and will be achieved at different levels

Project website. This website will be regularly updated by the different partners and ESRs with publication records and other achievements. We will place particular emphasis on communicating our results in an understandable manner to a non-specialist audience by including sections aimed at the general public, and children, via blogs and videos.

Video lectures/podcasts. Selected lectures/talks will be recorded and posted to the MEICOM website and our MEICOM Youtube channel. These will thereby provide a permanent record available worldwide to researchers, teachers, students and general public. ESRs will create podcasts/short video lectures, lab demonstrations and results highlights to upload them on line. These will explain highlights of their research, techniques in the lab, lectures and highlight other achievements in the field.

Effective use of communication technologies. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are powerful tools for quick communication between partners, ESRs, collaborators and to highlight news and discoveries to the general public. MEICOM accounts in these platforms will be opened and used to maximum effect.

School visits. MEICOM will make a significant effort in outreach to young people. School visits represent a particularly effective measure to teach science to a larger audience, as it catches the interest of young people, broadening their mind sets to the value and the importance of science.

MEICOM Brochure. A leaflet has been produced by ESRs to illustrate the role of MEICOM and the different research projects in relation to the delivery of Food Security. The information within will be aimed to School children and widely disseminated to School teachers. Download the leaflet [.pdf]